Bestning Technologies, located in San Jose ,CA is a wide range provider of XML security solutions. Bestning's flagship product, BOXML is a set of software tools which provides user with simple-to-use and trust-to-security for XML document.

BOXML is easy to distribute widely and supports security for multiple XML message by means of implementation on Key-Elementary Encryption, Multiple-Key Signature, and TimeStamp-Universal Identification.

BOXML provides complete application security for multiple XML message which are created from

         SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol) for XML Web services ,

         VRXML(Vender Reporting XML) for Stock Exchange ,

         Core Payments XML Kernel for IFX, TWIST ,SWIFT and OAG financial standards,

         RIXML(Research Information XML) for buy-side firms, sell-side firms and vendors,

         EHR(Electronic Health Record) for Electronic Data Exchange in Healthcare Environments

ZapThink ( that the next roadblock on the path to Web Services adoption is security and security is today's key enabler for Web Services. The XML and Web Services security market will reach $4.4 billion in 2006, which will represent 65% of the total authentication, authorization, and administration security market. This growth represents an average compound annual growth rate of 300%.