USAF(The Department of US Air Force)

evaluate BOXML for OCSP   in PKI from Aug.20,2004.

Large Special Enterprises XML Document Security Solutions 

Java addresses the problem of platform independence and dynamic for applications.

XML addresses the problem of application independence of data representation.

Bestning dynamic XML security addresses the security problem of

platform independence and data representation independence .

The objective of Bestning Technologies is to assist large special enterprise in planning

and implementing XML security during Partners Interface Processes  execution.


XML Security Difficult Overview   

Large Special Enterprise XML Document Security architecture

is multiple with many XML documents on many partners sides,

many clients creating and exchanging partner

trade agreements on the other many division sides,

and many Web servers in between. All partners or division

are generating their important XML documents

and save these XML documents in suitable

Web sites as on-line movable mini-database.

All these XML documents must be accessed by

clients or divisions who are authorized to have the access right.

We must find solutions for these following problems :

How could we synchronize ten different authentications together?  

One XML document may access data source from ten different databases

that are protected by ten different PKIs set up by ten different enterprises.

How could we make fields or records encrypted by different keys ?

In one XML document every client may have right to

access some but not all data,

different encryptions will take place in one XML document.

How could we manage this multiple

signature through multiple sites ?

Multiple digital signature Encryption XML documents

reside in or across multiple web sites.

How could we manage this multiple authentications

through multiple signatures ?

Multiple authentications will need for multiple kinds

of clients in one-encryption XML documents.

How could we decrypt multiple digital signature

encryption XML documents by multiple clients  ?

Multiple Decryptions for multiple digital signature

encryption XML documents must be processed through multiple Web sites

Bestning Solutions

Establishing XML security infrastructure is essential

for next generation to enable 

XML document transactions and ensure secure access

to business XML document,communications with XML document,

and information resources stored in XML document.

Bestning technologies promise you efficiently and

conveniently manage your multiple

trip-dimension XML document.

Alphabet and Dictionaries Security 

  To establish many Alphabets as possible for

large special enterprise by XML.

To establish Alphabets Cipher mapping for every alphabet

by Bestning Algorithm.

To establish words by Alphabets and collect

all words together into dictionary.

To encrypt and decrypt words in dictionary by

Alphabets Cipher mapping.

To create XML prime key for product descriptions

and component descriptions compliant with dictionaries.

Dialog Security

To establish Implementation Framework to rule Words

together into sentence.

  To establish PIPs (Partners Interface Processes) 

to rule sentences together into interface dialogs.

To establish Dialog public key and private key for

PIPs by Bestning dynamic XML security.

Change central static security into distributed

dynamic security

Bestning just turn central big unique safe

strong room (PKI) for enterprise use

into dynamic small many safe suitcases

for person use.

Change outside managed security into inside unmanaged security

Bestning just turn house-around safe device(PKI) into

dynamic generating lock-device

for every door and every person in house.

Change special dinosaur security into ordinary primate security

Further more every person brings Bestning movable dynamic XML safe suitcases

traveling around internet world and encrypts,decrypts,interchange

their Bestning movable dynamic XML safe suitcases.