USAF(The Department of US Air Force)

evaluate BOXML for OCSP   in PKI from Aug.20,2004.


Download e-ATM for China Banking Market

The Interactive Financial exchange (IFX) specification v.1.4 was released in April 2003

and contains significant new messaging standards for the automated teller machine (ATM)

and point-of-sale (POS) channels. The new standards will allow better interoperability between

ATMs and POS channels and open up banks ATMs and multi-channel integration plans.

The new IFX standards will undoubtedly provide operational efficiencies,reduce the time for vendors

to make ATM or POS upgrades,take new functionality to market and allow vendors to penetrate new markets.

BOXMLwill support security for financial multiple XML message by means of implementation on

Key-Elementary Encryption, Multiple-Elementary Signature, and TimeStamp-Elementary Identification .